be kind to each other today

I was born into American privilege, this for me means that I was born and raised in a small community in WI, we never locked our doors, we played on the streets late and I walked to school and work by myself with no worries. I was not raised in a family that spoke of racism, however I do remember my grandmother talking about interracial couples and how bad she felt for those children who would struggle because they wouldn't know how they fit in, she would also say this about Ellen because she was gay and the Mexican family that didn't speak English. I was not raised to hate any culture but the small beliefs were in my head.

My children were born to two white parents, neither of us struggled to get into this country. We are that privileged white family, this is just how it is we come from middle class families born and raised in suburban neighborhoods and were given what we needed. We taught our kids to love each other, forgive each other and be nice to one another. Yes we have had our moments of struggle. Food stamps, bankruptcy loss of jobs however we were always taken care of. A year ago we moved closer to the city, I was craving the diversity and I wanted my kids to embrace more culture.

And then on June 20, 2016 at 1:00am in the morning my 17yr old son went to go pick up his sister and bring her home from a party. He got into our car right outside of our house and just as he put the car into drive his car door was flown open and a gun pointed at his head by a boy only 3 days older then him. The sound of your child running and screaming into the house saying these words will send any parent into fear. We were one of the lucky families my son got away and not harmed, many families are not so lucky. What we would discover later is that, that boy that held the gun to my sons head had been a baby when the car he was left in was car jacked, and that boy would join a gang. My son, still does not fear much and he was quick to move forward his mother on the other hand now locks all the doors, sometimes fears her children walking outside late at night. We were quick to forgive and move on because my son is still alive, however so many face these fears and die. I do not blame a gun law, I do not blame a race or the area we live in. I do pray for peace but we are all human living in a country of free will.

We have all been born into families and communities that all mold us into who we are, we all have our own struggles some more difficult then others. Instead of saying my struggle is worse then yours we need to learn to have compassion for each other, sit on the same side of the table and hold each other hands and more then anything we need to forgive!!! Forgive our ancestors, forgive our parents, neighbors. This does not mean we need to agree with them we just need our hearts to heal and listen to each other.

Please be kind to each other today and love just a little bit harder.
Love and Laughter Always