There is no clear way to define her or what she does, at least for me; she just is. One cannot describe the work Becky does. How can I describe in words just how loving, caring and insightful her spirit and soul is? I can’t. Well, I can...I just did, but those words don’t do her work justice; and you are really missing out! You have to experience her and her gifts first hand to really understand; once you start witnessing the changes within yourself, she will be your biggest cheerleader! Becky is love, light, & happiness.

Becky is a connector. She connects with people quite easily (one of her many gifts!) and is able to help others connect with one another in a way many cannot. Through her I have met several people who have also helped me and contributed to my growth. I am now connected to a tribe of beautiful women.

A healer. A confidant. A mentor. A lightworker. A spiritual intuitive. Becky can help you shift. She has helped me. I am a little bit braver because of her. She gave me the tools I needed so that I could dig myself out of the hole I had created for myself.

I have been on a new path of spirituality for a little over a year now. A path that I had for so long just stood by a dreamed about. I silently watched others walk this path, and secretly longed to embark on it myself. With her help, guidance & friendship she helped to turn my light back on and give me the confidence to join the others and not be so silent. By directing me with a loving and positive approach she helped me fully embrace life, so I could fully live life and my dreams to its fullest potential. She helped by giving me a safe place to play and open my heart to unconditional love. And truth be told, when I needed some tough love and a swift kick in the ass, she gave me that too!

I will continue to go to her and seek her guidance regarding spirituality and my life’s work. I shine my light a little brighter because of her. I appreciate her and I am so blessed to have met her. I’m also lucky to call her a friend.